NBA BIG Playoffs, los comerciales de NBA TV

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Mientras disfrutamos de los Playoffs de la NBA, en mediotiempo podemos ver algunos de los nuevos comerciales del canal exclusivo de la liga del mejor baloncesto del mundo, NBA TV. Muy inspirados, los creativos de la agencia publicitaria encargada de su producción ha tomado algunas buenas imágenes de jugadores en slow motion, para superponerles un par de líneas. Todas ellas finalizan con la misma palabra: "BIG", adjetivo que bien identifica la serie y el campeonato en general.

Te mostramos los comerciales ideados para los Playoffs:


The Biggest Brightest Most Super-Charged Saga In History Of The Sports Is Ready To Be Written 16 Teams 192 Men 8 Weeks Endless Amounts Of Pain And Sacrifice Collide For The Right The Privilege The Glory Of Lifting One Serious Piece Of Hardware This Grueling Gauntlet Of Opposition This Pressure Cooker Of Epic Proportions Features Uber Heroes So Great They're Downright Nasty All Clawing And Scratching Their Way To The Top Get Set Get Pumped Because Shock Is About To Slam Into Awe This Ain't For The Faint Of Heart Or The Weak Of Will Its For Big Time Ballers And Court Kings Ready To Wear The Crown Don't Blink Because History Is Written In An Instant The Stage Is Set The Teams Are Hyped And Every Moment Is "BIG"!

Spot para Miami Heat:

“Now this is a story, a tale not even shakespeare could write. Where adversaries turn into allies and expactations loom large. Welcom to life in the Heat. Where the world’s got you under a microscope and you won’t survive if you burn easy. Intermission is over and the next act will reveal if they really are BIG..”

Spot para Lebron James:

A freight train leaves Miami at 7:35PM. Head full of steam. Lots of cargo, no brakes. How fast will it be going by the time it reaches Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Dallas, Memphis, Orlando, Atlanta, Indiana, Denver, Oakland, Salt Lake City, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Houston, Phoenix????? And what would it take to slow it down? Something really, really BIG.

Spot para los Spurs:

No need to rush. Cutters are coming, screens are being set. Pass is pinpoint perfect and somebody ends up wide open. No flash, no gimmicks, no chance of stopping it. It’s the quiet guys you should fear because words are small and game is BIG. | ¿Cuándo juega San Antonio Spurs?

Spot para Kobe Bryant:

Ladies and Gentlemen. What you are about to see is real. No smoke, no mirrors. Just two men and a ball. His opponent thinks he’s seen this one before, but how will it finish this time? Which sleeve conceals the card? A good magician keeps’em guessing. Every night something different. Every night something BIG.

Spot para Celtics:

You’ve probably forgotten all about them by now. Nothing left in the tank, nothing left to prove, too slow, too injury prone, too much mileage. Hmm…

You better hope you’re right, because here they come and what some call age. They call experience, grit, toughness, leadership, moxie, savvy, passion, desire, heart and these guys are at their best when the stakes get BIG.

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